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Brice McArdle

Created by Chris McArdle


Every diagnosis of childhood cancer is a tragedy, but when Chris and Christina’s 9-month-old son Brice was diagnosed with a brain tumor, they were left wishing it was any other type of cancer. Why? Because childhood brain tumors are the deadliest of all childhood cancers. They’re often aggressive and difficult to treat, because of the risks associated with treating cancer in such a delicate area – a child’s growing brain.   

Brice’s type of tumor was so rare that all the information his doctor could find about it could fit on one yellow sticky note. This is too often the reality for many brain tumors – there just hasn’t been enough research to make effective treatments possible.  

It’s one thing to get cancer, but when you get one we know nothing about, and one that nobody has ever heard of, you’re really kind of helplessYou’re just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, and that’s a scary thing to do for your child.” – Chris, Brice’s dad 

Brice passed away in April 2020, just eight months after his diagnosis. Brice was 17 months old. He never got the chance to grow up. To honor Brice’s memory, his parents have spent the years since grieving, healing and advocating for new treatments that could save kids in the future. 

“Everyone can get behind fighting childhood cancer, but you see the commercials and you move on with your life. It’s easy to do that, but I ask that this be the time that you don’t forget. Families that don’t know they’re walking into this cancer need your help, and they’ll be so happy you did.” - Chris, Brice’s dad