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2023 CCRF Fundraiser

Created by Meg


2017 Christmas Party

So many of you have been on this ride with me for a LONG time and know why we’re here: research for childhood cancers are vastly underfunded by the federal government and these gaps can be closed by directly funding grants and initiatives at CCRF. 

Since Christmas 2006, we've been fundraising in the name of healthier childhoods, and have been doing so for Children's Cancer Research Fund since 2009. You've blown me away with your dedication and generosity. In just the past two years, you've donated over $40,000 on this very special day, which was then triple matched! 

Your fundraising total for CCRF is over $178,000. The great folks at CCRF are so grateful for us and our commitment to this, which has become their #1 online fundraiser. Sadly, COVID-19 has greatly affected childhood cancer research and CCRF's ability to support that research. As always, no amount is too small and ALL donations are deeply appreciated, especially in recent years, with so much of CCRF‘s fundraising being affected by COVID-19. 

This was dubbed The Accidental Fundraiser because it all started as a party years before any of this great work began. I hope you’ll join me in bringing the fundraiser back to its roots and party with me this December 9th to celebrate all you've done.

Thank you, friends, for all of your support. Wishing you great health and a wonderful holiday season.


2018 Christmas Party


2019 Christmas Party