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Nicholas Cisewski

Created by Paul Cisewski


             Nicholas Cisewski Memorial Fund 

Nick had been suffering from what was originally thought to be migraines in August 2012. The migraines progressively increased in intensity that led to vomiting, body aches, and sleeping for hours at a time. Within a day or two, the symptoms would fade and Nick would go back to his regular routine, and everything seemed perfectly fine. 

He had an episode in November resulting in a trip to the ER. He received IV fluids and anti-nausea medication, then was sent home to rest. He got weaker throughout the day, incapable of getting comfortable, unable to keep food down, and incredibly tired. 

He had a follow-up appointment the next day, we requested a CT scan for peace of mind. Before that happened, Nick was found groaning on the floor beside his bed having a seizure. He was taken to the ER in Maple Grove where they immediately performed a CT scan. The doctor returned with the news that there was a significate brain tumor discovered and needed to be taken to the Children's Hospital. 

Despite all the nurses and doctor's efforts our little boy died on Dec. 16, 2012. 

Nick's story is a familiar one that too many families endure. He was an athlete, student, brother, son, dreamer, but more importantly, a kid who never got the chance to live out his dreams. There are many firsts he was never able to experience because cancer cut his life short. 

In his 14 years on earth, we were able to enjoy his contagious smile, his incredible sense of humor and good-hearted kindness. If Nick were able to choose a cause to fight for, this would be it, he would never anyone to suffer from this horrible disease. We know he would fight for a cure. Although Nick is no longer with us, our memories of him will last forever. Please honor Nick and all the children who have lost the battle with childhood cancer by supporting his fund. 

Nick- you will be forever loved and always remembered in our hearts.

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