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Why Us? 

Our unique approach to funding research makes us the organization that will make your donation, big or small, stretch as far as possible. Here’s why:


Many organizations fund research at just one hospital or university – we fund researchers across the country, based on where we can make the greatest impact. We’ve funded more than 180 researchers at 30 different research institutions. In childhood cancer, the road to new, better treatment options always starts with philanthropic support. Federal funding is not available to researchers until they’ve done enough research and gathered preliminary data to prove something is worth carrying forward. Even then, support from sources like the federal government is limited - the majority of funding for childhood cancer research comes from supporters like you.


We focus our research funding on three main areas:

HARD-TO-TREAT DISEASES. Our goal is to help researchers develop safer, more effective treatment options for cancer where survival rates remain low or haven’t improved in decades.

SURVIVORSHIP. The battle isn’t over when cancer is gone – so we fund research that aims to give every survivor of childhood cancer a long, healthy life after treatment.

HEALTH DISPARITIES. Children from racial and ethnic minority groups are less likely to survive certain cancers. We’re funding research that identifies the root cause of these disparities and builds interventions to eliminate them.



We focus on providing seeds grants that allow researchers to prove their idea, then reach for even larger grants. This model is why, on average, for every $1 CCRF invests in research, our scientists are able to secure $18 of additional funding. Other cancer nonprofits you may have heard of don’t focus your donations in this unique way, so when you donate to CCRF, your dollar stretches 18x further. More than half of all pediatric cancer research funding comes from foundations like CCRF.