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Honor Someone

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For families who want to honor the legacy of their child or loved one by fundraising for childhood cancer research. Create an Honor Page and watch as your community of supporters rallies around your honoree’s story, all while making better, safer treatments possible for kids fighting cancer. 

How to make the most of your Honor Page 

Creating an Honor Page is just the first step. To increase the impact of your fundraiser, consider:  

  • Updating the photo: Select and upload a high-quality photo of your honoree. This personalizes your fundraiser, making it easily recognizable to your community.
  • Sharing your story: Share your honoree’s story — it’s the heart of your Honor Page. By sharing your loved one’s story, you can make a difference while ensuring their legacy lives on. Every childhood cancer experience is different and unique, and every child with cancer is different and unique. Each story is worth telling.
  • Starting a Facebook fundraiser: Amplify the reach of your Honor Page and create a fundraiser on Facebook. Expanding the visibility of your page encourages more people to join the fight against childhood cancer in honor of your loved one.
  • Getting creative: There are countless ways to spread the word about your Honor Page and engage your community in supporting your honoree. Let our Fundraising Toolkit do the brainstorming work for you. Then, tie it all together with our Fundraising Resources.


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