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A party with a purpose.

Meg McElroy is a CCRF fundraiser and a hostess on a mission. Her annual holiday party has been raising funds for childhood cancer research since 2009 with over $126,000 raised in total!

It all started as an “accidental fundraiser.” Meg wanted to host an annual party to keep college friends coming together and include new friends she’s made along the way. When the party outgrew her small NYC apartment, she decided to turn the event into a party with a purpose. Passionate about supporting healthier childhoods, Meg wanted to make a difference and help close the gap when she learned research for childhood cancers is vastly underfunded by the federal government.

2020 Virtual Pivot

The fundraiser grew each year, beating previous year’s fundraising totals. Then came 2020 and all the challenges of the pandemic. Meg knew that the need for research was more important than ever. Childhood cancer didn’t take a pause, and neither would her fundraising efforts.

She knew a virtual event wasn’t going to be the same, but worth the effort, even if the total raised declined from previous years. She was thrilled that her community showed up in big ways with another record-breaking year raising $24,340!

Be a fundraiser like Meg

CCRF is grateful to have Meg as a part of our community of passionate fundraisers, donors, researchers and families who are dedicated to funding cures for childood cancer.

Are you inspired by Meg and want to host an annual party or get together to make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer? Be a fundraiser like Meg and join a community committed to improving the lives of children affected by cancer.

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Maddison Mertz’s Miracles

Continuing Maddison’s Fight

On November 18, 2016 Maddison was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme. Glioblastoma is a very rare and difficult to treat cancer. In the end nothing could stop this disease and Maddison passed away three days after her 8th birthday.

Maddison is dearly missed. She made a lasting impact on her community and others who followed her journey. Maddison showed us how to fight with a smile and she never gave up.

In her honor, Maddison’s family  created Maddison Mertz’s Miracles to continue her fight. They are dedicated to raising awareness and funding for more effective brain tumor treatments through fundraising events like Trick or Treat for Maddison and Race for Research (5K + Carnival).

Supporting Innovative Research

Maddison Mertz’s Miracles fundraisers and events have raised over $127,000 to support the brightest and boldest minds whose groundbreaking research is leading to better brain cancer treatments and cures.

Be a Fundraiser for kids like Maddison

Kids like Maddison deserve better, safer treatments – and you can help by fundraising for childhood cancer research! Be part of a community of dedicated fundraisers, donors, researchers and families who want to make a difference for kids affected by cancer.

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Love for Lilah

Every Dollar Counts

We hear from supporters all the time who are passionate about CCRF’s mission but don’t know where to start when it comes to being a fundraiser. You don’t need to create a big signature event or run across the country to make an impact. In fact, we’re inspired every day by the simple and creative ideas from our community.

8-year-old Lilah showed us how it’s done. As a cancer survivor herself, Lilah wanted to help other kids like her. So, she decided to create a fundraising page and put her creative skills to use by selling her artwork. Lilah set a modest goal of raising $100 and was thrilled to double that, raising over $200 to support childhood cancer research. To make her fundraising go even further, her family covered the shipping costs to deliver her artwork so 100% of the proceeds would go to research.

Be a Fundraiser. Get Creative.

We’re inspired every day by our community of fundraisers and the fun, innovative and creative ideas they come up with to make a difference for kids fighting cancer. Have an idea of your own? We’ll make sure you’re set-up for fundraising success and be with you every step along the way cheering you on.

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